Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Offices for Schuyler House

So Schuyler House is buying new offices. 8-]

Still located in Santa Clarita, in the Rye Canyon Industrial Park (emphasis on park -- really the nicest industrial park I've ever seen -- trees and landscaping everywhere), about a mile away from the old offices.

The dentist has moved out (all except for one dental chair, but he's just two doors down, buying a smaller unit, so we're not worried. Looks comfy, but, well -- it's a dental chair...) and work has begun on building-out individual offices.

Day One:

Finishing up some wiring for the night.

Steph and Will checking something.

Bill checking something else.

Framing up individual offices in the great room.

There will be four offices on each side. The doorway to the left is the kitchen area. They'll be moving the door.

Looking across the great room toward the back hall. The auditorium is behind the three tall windows (where the dentist taught classes) and the unfinished area in the back.

Bill being the proud papa.

The auditorium. We'd like to keep it for training and meetings and 'cuz it's kewl.

Clean up. The reception area and stairway to the upstairs offices are through the door to the right.

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noraellen said...

Merry Christmas. I am enjoying seeing the progress of Schuyler House.