Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Offices -- Day Two

Day Two: More wiring and framing. But now with more furniture!

More Wiring:

Will in his wiring closet.

Father and son bonding. ;-j

Steph's wiring station:

Bill uses a highly technical tool:

The Aftermath:

More Framing:

The Shop:

The Front Office:

Up the Stairs:

Bill's Office:

The Developers' Workstation for the Duration:

The View from Bill's Desk:

Jan's Office:

The View from the Outside:


zarina said...

WOW! Looking goooood. But you need some art for your walls. :-)


Ellen Shipley said...

First we need some walls! ;-j

Actually I did have my paleo prints up at the old office. I'll be putting them up again in the new one.