Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will's Condo - A Work In Progress

Condo complex.  There's a dot on Will's unit, right side about middle. 

Basic floorplan.

A lot of junque was left behind by the old tenants.

I didn't take pictures of the really bad stuff.  Who wants to see that?  ;-j

Down the hallway.  Will is standing in the doorway to the bathroom/laundry nook.  His office is at the end of the hall.

Most of the old junque out, almost ready to paint.  This is the livingroom with the front door open.

This is the dining area with the kitchen to the right and a broom closet to the left.

This is the master bedroom.  Will is looking out the window at the hill behind his unit.  Nice view.

This is the guest room/office.  You can see some of the back hill out the window.

Taking up the baseboards and carpet in the office.  Perhaps not Bill's best side.

The paint sprayer had some problems in the beginning (understatement).  We ended up with paint sheeting down the walls.  While they fought with the sprayer, I unpainted the walls and applied the paint to other walls.

Jan fighting with the monster.

Jan was a demon with the sprayer.  Just didn't catch her in the act once she really got going.

The spray took out my camera for awhile.  Still isn't completely clean.  I have a couple shadows on the rest of the pics.

Here's me (yes, I was there -- who do you think was taking all the pictures?) pulling painter's tape for masking.

It all worked out in the end, after they got another sprayer.

Will is contemplating his eye-popping choice in accent color for the diningroom.  (Flooring and furniture softens the effect.)  The washer and dryer have been pulled out of the laundry room so it can be tiled, which more or less went on concurrent with flooring -- but that's getting ahead of our tale.)

Same accent color continued into the kitchen.  You can see how the color is affected by what is around it.

Will painting the second kitchen color on the other walls.

Now to the flooring...light or dark?

Extensive comparisonss of colors to the flooring.

Light it is.  We start in the livingroom.

Julie laying flooring.

Bill is cutting edge pieces on the balcony.

Will and Steph laying flooring.

Will and Eric laying flooring.

Sad discovery that we needed to unlay seven rows of flooring and redo a cut piece.

My job (besides taking pictures) was to sort and hand out boards so the pattern would vary.

Bill contemplating his handiwork (probably not).

Getting close to finishing the livingroom, even as the boards begin their march down the hall.

Looking back into the livingroom from the hall.

Bill marking a board to cut to go around the corner.

Bright idea: we moved Will's table and chairs up from the garage so we could eat lunch.  Of course we had to put it in the livingroom.

Finishing up the kitchen.  By this time we had memorized all the patterns and were getting obsessive about it.

Bill took exception to our pattern obsessions.

Dinner break: pizza and soda.

We worked into the evening that first day, until quiet hours and we couldn't saw end pieces.

Couches and coffee table moved in.

Stereo equipment and electric saw -- what every well-appointed livingroom needs.

Another day, Will laying flooring in the office.

A view from the livingroom down the hall into the office.

Bill and Will finishing up the office.

Will's first bbq and game night in his new condo.  8-] 

The crew:  Will, Bill, Julie, Eric, Steph (and me behind the camera).

Setting up the panty and getting the kitchen in working order.


Meanwhile and on-going, the bathrooms get some tiling.  Laundry area is behind Bill on the right.

Master bath tiling.  Shower and seat to the left, walk-in closet to the right.

Bill laying a tricky tile.

Carpet swatches for the master bedroom.

The staging area, eventually to be the master bedroom.  Here Will is sawing tiles for the master bath.

Will's new desk and chair in the office.

Couch/futon to the right.

The bedroom carpet -- at last!

Technically the bed is in the bedroom, but it's still a bit of a staging area yet.

The master in the master bedroom. 

The view of the hill out the office window.

The old microwave is out, awaiting the new one.


Now onto the tile kitchen counter tops.  Here is Will using caustic substances on the old countertop (to be the substrait for the tiles).  Note the new microwave.

The old countertop had a rounded lip that would have interfered with the tiles.  So Bill sliced it off.

He also had to cut off the old curved backsplash.

Bill rests from his labors.  Note the old stove resting in the livingroom.

The refrigerator is resting in the dining room.

Some bits of fancy trim that'll go on the kitchen.

And here are the mondo tiles!

One tile practically fills the island counter.  Bill holds up the trim and endcap.

The endcap for the side, with a bit of shim underneath.

Steph resting.  Cunning hat, don't ya think?


Now it's time to play with tiles, cutting and laying out.

Bill adjusting a tile.

Close-up shows the trimmed and shimmed edges.

Bill handling the placement.

Will cutting the tiles.

Left of the sink.

Bill marks up the tiles to be cut.

Saw, saw, saw.

Tiles saws splash a lot of water.

Measure twice, cut once.

Left of the sink.

The tile saw.

Ah, there's the sink.

Getting dark out.

Where the sink will go.


Tile counter down, now onto the backsplash.

Each of these 4" tiles was cut from left-over 20" tiles.

Lots of measuring and marking.

The last backsplash tiles cut and placed.

Will moved the tile saw to the garage where it wouldn't be so noisy for the neighbors.

Start with a big one.

And make it smaller and smaller.

Counter and backsplash all grouted.  Now they have to be wiped down with vinegar water.

Over and over again.  Steph checks for streaks.

Lookin' good to me.  Still needs more wiping.

So that's what Bill is doing down there.  ;-j

I even get into the act.

Done.  Now off to dinner.


Kitchen is almost done!  Stove, sink, dishwasher all in.

Blinds up in the bedroom.

Bill working on the threshholds.

Guess I forgot to say "keep your eyes open."

Checking out the level.

New ceiling tiles in the hallway.

Frosted windowpanes...well, one anyway.  Looks pretty kewl and does the trick.