Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 24

Translucent Ceiling Panels 8-]

So it turns out you can get translucent ceiling panels (among other things). It's hard to take a picture of a light, but these panels are glowing from the skylights in the roof. These are the samples in Steph's office.

There's glass in the windows and knobs on the doors!

Flash off the glass in Bruce's office.

Same shot without the flash.

Bill and Jan watching the Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody video.

The hazmatty guy working in the airlock.

This is getting a little old.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 20

Day 20 -- more fiddly bits

Rigo paints the doors while Steph chats thru Therese's window.

Jan winds off some wool roving while Bruce, Joe and Steph look on.

Steph's track lighting.

The wiring closet now has shelves and junk. (That's a technical term.)

Stealing power from Will's office while he's away in Malaysia.

Hmmm. Are we really out of computer storage already? (Does it make any more sense that the box if full of deer?) ;-j

Jan's exiled from her office again while the masseuse is in.

I think things have gotten a bit out of hand in the front office.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 19

Day 19 -- More settling in.

Mark pretending to be working (his words!).

Joe pretending to be working too (and Bill pretending to pay him).

Bruce has found his shelves!

Steve's Office -- sans Steve.

Elliott and Tey in their office (Tey now sleeps under the desk -- a nice cubby hole).

Joe working in Steph's office -- putting up her track lighting.

Steph and Bill being dramatic.

Tree Stump Removal

So the city showed up to remove the stump from the tree they removed this summer.

They pulled up this amazing chomping machine with a whirring blade to chew it's way thru the roots and stump. I thought dirt and wood chips would fly everywhere, but they set up a backstop and besides it was a surprisingly dainty eater.

The operator was very proud of his baby and posed it for me.

They only removed a few large chunks. All the rest got munched back in.

All gone. They'll be back later this month to plant another tree -- this time a Modesto Ash. Stay tuned.

Day 18

Offices! With people in them!

Joe's Office -- with Will coming out of the wiring closet.

Mark's Office

Therese's Office

Bruce's Office (he'll have shelves as soon as he can find them).

Steve's Office

Steph's Office -- complete with cappuccino machine. 8-]

Kurt's Office

Will's Office

Will's too distracted to appreciate the moment.

Play with me?

Elliott's (and Tey's) Office

I don't know, the shop doesn't look any emptier to me.

Play with me yet?

Rigo, Steph and Tey think the nail gun is noisy.

Ball is more fun than nail gun.