Friday, October 30, 2009

New Offices -- Day Four

Day four and some things are getting back to work:

Framing Continues:

Leslie peeks in from the front office.

Lots and lots of framing.

And now for the dry wall!

Sven peeks in from the back.

The Shop is stuffed to the gills now that we're all out of the old offices:

A little sad -- the old offices:

New Offices -- Day Three

The Front of the Building:

Close up of our Unit.

The view of our neighbors.

The Front Office:

The view out the front window.

The Developers:

Will, Steve and Steph, with Bill looking on.

Jan at her desk.

Framing Continues:

Why does Bill keep sticking his head in the ceiling?

Oh, he's moving lights this time.

What he found in the ceiling.

The usual suspects:

Joe passing through.

Sven and someone checking out the progress.

The Auditorium:

Bruce, Elliott and Tess the monster pup.

Sven, Bruce, Elliott & ?

Bill barking at Tess.

Putting the pups to work.

Stuck in the Auditorium (when all of the fun is on the other side).

Can you hear me yet?