Friday, October 30, 2009

New Offices -- Day Three

The Front of the Building:

Close up of our Unit.

The view of our neighbors.

The Front Office:

The view out the front window.

The Developers:

Will, Steve and Steph, with Bill looking on.

Jan at her desk.

Framing Continues:

Why does Bill keep sticking his head in the ceiling?

Oh, he's moving lights this time.

What he found in the ceiling.

The usual suspects:

Joe passing through.

Sven and someone checking out the progress.

The Auditorium:

Bruce, Elliott and Tess the monster pup.

Sven, Bruce, Elliott & ?

Bill barking at Tess.

Putting the pups to work.

Stuck in the Auditorium (when all of the fun is on the other side).

Can you hear me yet?

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