Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Splitsville

What a mess. ;-> The last trunk was larger and heavier than the others. It was also not resting on either the wall or the neighbor's roof (thank goodness), and we didn't want it landing on the roof when we cut it down. So we positioned the ladder to brace it, then when it was finally cut thru (a process that took a chain saw, hack saw and a hammer & wedge), we eased it back until it landed in our yard.

It pulled the ladder back with it, and the whole thing was more or less a controlled crash. The top of the tree is at the right and the end of the trunk is out of the picture to the left. In the foreground in another tree that is still attached to it's wobbly roots, awaiting another day.

Bill is resting from his endeavors. I of course ran for the camera. ;- j

Next task, cutting up the detritus and stuffing it into the lawn bucket. That sucker is heavy!

Here's the cleaned up work area. The wobbly tree is now leaning the other way on the wall.

We may wait a bit to take down the half of the copse that is leaning toward our house. It doesn't show as much interest in uprooting itself. We'll see how long we can go before we have to tackle it.

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