Thursday, March 3, 2011

First & Second Birthday

So I got a new camera for my b'day.  8-]

Took some pics at Mom Can Cook (before we found the red eye feature).

Hippo birdie 2 meme.  8-]  Some serious red eye.

Will and Julie (who isn't keen on pics).

Will and Steph.  Will has serious red eye too.  He and I have large pupils.

Bill and Steph.

Caught Julie this time.

Second b'day -- dinner, cake and story time:

Will finished reading Name of the Wind.

Bill lounging during story time.

Steph knitting.

Ellen with tea.

Freya doesn't appreciate the new camera.  It may take care of red eye now, but it doesn't do a thing for blue eye.  ;-j  Loki is around somewhere.

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