Monday, March 7, 2011

BIL unConference on the Queen Mary

We had a great time this weekend attending the BIL unConference, held this year on the Queen Mary.  Smallish -- 300 or so uber geeks.  The brainwaves were palpable.

BIL is an unofficial conference patterned after the more famous TED Talks.  In fact they shadow the TED Talks, held nearby in time and space to take advantage of the opportunity to rub elbows with attendees.  Don't know how much of that went on this year (we didn't stay for the after-after parties), but frankly BIL was smart enough for me.  ;- j

Some sample programs:

The Upgraded Self: Why Biohacking Changes Everything
UX Rocks: How to design awesome mobile apps and rock the world
Balls Over Brains - The World Favors The Bold
Immigrant gene and its role in American Success
Technoactivism 101: Building a Biohackerspace
Uncommon Ancestors -- really funny
Where's my Robot?
Psychological Survival Strategies for the Zombie Apocalypse (that will improve your life today)

The "basement" of the Queen Mary, no doubt the original boiler room.

Lunchtime gatherings.

A kewl steampunky hat.

Looking down from the top level.

Will & Steph exploring the ship.

Bill in the shop arcade level.

Me spinning.

Souplantation supplied lunch.

Ran into Peter Voss.

Looking up at a giant wheel in the ceiling.  Perhaps it had something to do with the boilers.

Bill found a hatch.

Chit-chat between talks.

Relaxing in the Observation Lounge.

Looking down a stairwell.

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