Wednesday, March 7, 2012


PANTONE VIEW Color Planner Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Color trends 2013/2014

With an accent or two:



Color trends autumn/winter 13/14

Pieter Bruegel. The Fall Of The Rebel Angels. 1562


Nice color, texture, graphical look -- a bit too homogenous.

Interesting greys:
volcanic sand

grey cidada

China tea

grey kitchen


grey bath

grey bath2

(more here)

pottery - Mercy Nuemark

Website templates:


Links: -- nice articles w/ large icon/illos -- busy, like buttons -- busy, no home button (click on large image) -- don't like the flashy graphic -- really irritating -- busy but a lot of info -- features paleo-plan -- boring colors, meta is interesting - a blog but lots of interaction -- start here button, too busy site -- just 'cuz it's geeky --blogs are getting organized (busy) -- blog, links on side -- two columns on side -- a little busy -- sample site, boxes over background -- sample site, grey tones, business-like -- blog, but nice colorway -- grey with spots of color -- dynamic, graphic look -- xvivo's blog page -- nicely graphical -- blog site, dynamic looking -- get tired of reading white text on black -- the dreaded orchardsoft -- too white and busy, good short presentation of products -- artist's site, simple -- artistic -- worst website evar -- buttons along top and bottom of image -- artistic, hard to navigate only images

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