Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Light, Paint & Ink -- Our Studio Show

We had a great day for our "garden party" studio show.

Time to hang the art.

Tony hangs his photographs on the pro-panels.

Tina's art waiting to be hung.

My woodcuts went up pretty quickly.

Tina in the maze.

Woodblock and tools on display.

Celestial Light -- now that's eerie.

Steampunky pieces with Bill in the background.

Holiday set and assorted pieces.

Medieval and animal sets.
Paleo-Mythos set.

Aida admiring the art.

Another view of art on the pro panels.

Roy checks out Tina's paintings.  Bill is way in the back.

Tom is ready to wrap.  Tina and Tony arrange easels.

Mel shows up with goodies.

The work takes lots of supervision.

An amazing sculpture of a Japanese soldier.

Bronwyn, Andrea, Elliott and I probably aren't discussing art.

Tina and her dad.

Karen and crew man the sales table.

Patrons of the art.

Another view of the wire mesh display.

The SCA crew are still at it.

Those little pictures really disappear in the confusion.  I definitely need a cloth covering for the panels.

Tina and her dad in front of the art.

Another view of the panels.

A party crasher.

There's a definite family resemblance.

More patrons of the art.

Someone going thru the unframed art.

Laurie and Mel relaxing on the lawn.

The party up front.

Lynn and Maryann liked the woodcuts.

Ellen waxing rhapsodic about woodcuts.

Roy talks to Laura and her hubby.

Bronwyn is taken with the photography.

Steph finally sits down long enough to get into a picture.

The end of a long day.  Nicky holds court in the bubble wrap.


Belinda Del Pesco said...

Hey there, what a nice survey of the show, with a great variety of work, and it looks like the weather cooperated for you too. Bravo, and congratulations! I hope you are already marking the calendar for the next one. Great photos - thanks for posting them.

zarina said...

It looks like a terrific time with a great turn-out. This is a marvelous idea. After all, why wait for an art event, make your own! Hope you do it again, and I can come out for it.

Thanks for showing the pix. Great work.

Tony Chong said...

The sculpture was by Don Lynch and was commissioned by Gary Nila. The subject is an Imperial Japanese Navy pilot from World War II. It's a limited edition piece and goes for $3,200.00. It really is an incredible work of art!

Bette Norcross Wappner -- said...

Fantastic show! Loved your photos!

Sharri said...

Wonderful show!Thanks for posting the photos.

Ellen Shipley said...

Thanx everybody!

Check out Tony's pics of the show at his blog: