Friday, December 4, 2009

Loscon 36

Ellen the Victorian Adventure Woman (as someone called me). I rose above the radar with this outfit. After years of being the stealth fan, it was disconcerting to have people looking at me and commenting on my costume. ;->

Rocky and his mistress, with Bill in the background. Rocky is a perennial favorite. He's got three or four new outfits every year, with something splashy in the Masquerade.

Steampunk Wonderwoman -- fantastic costume.

She's a costumer, so gave us a detailed rundown on her costume. She was also at the Steampunk Con in Seattle(?) earlier this year. 80% of the participants were costumed, many of them with working parts!

I liked her parasol.

Checking out a nice steamy parasol.

Sometimes it was better with flash, sometimes it wasn't.
Two Adventurous Gentlemen.

Rocky takes a break in the Dealer's Room.

The "Spiderman", an adventurous spider hunter whose quarry got the better of him.

The Ice Cream Social (what there was of it -- they ran out of ice cream 15 minutes into it. Part of the general poor planning we experienced all weekend. (Double booking panelists was another.)

Making me some rum raisin ice cream with liquid nitrogen, always fun to watch.
Found it humorous.

Bill doing Regency Dancing.

Being a gentleman, Bill leant his hat to a young lady who was dancing the male role with her sister.

One of WETA's kewl steampunk guns.

A consumate shopper with a definite steampunk eye.
Rocky again.
Folk Harpist Moira. She has an operatic voice (she did selections from Phantom and Cats to show it off). She had a nice selection but she talked more than she sang.
More to come. 8-]

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