Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sq-ft Garden Grows...

The garden has really sprouted - we've had a lot of rains lately; our garden has been drinking it up!

Brocolli plant:

Brocolli plants:

Tomato plant - has one tomato already! Not sure if it will make it - looks like it has a spot on it - we'll watch it...

Tomato plants:

Lettuces - there are two different varieties in two squares - 4 plants per square:

Turnips - sown seeds - have to thin out:

Carrots in end squares - also sown from seeds - coming in much slower - will have to thin, too:


Cukes in 'bottom' 2 squares; mellon in 'top' two squares; the mellons have empty squares 'above' them - for spreading out; these would over-run into a neighboring square so the book said to allow two squares. I'm sure I'll have to coax them to grow in the right direction.

This is progress to-date. Weeding is really easy in this box.

Tina - your self-watering boxes sound interesting. Our cousin, Wanda, said she is using those this year. This space gets sun all day long - and the winds - so, I'll have to be mindful to water every day once our rains quit. Thanks for your comments! I'd like to see pics of your garden as you get it going. 8-)

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