Monday, December 17, 2007


Freya brought one of her little playmates into the house again. I exclaimed, she dropped it and took off, leaving me face to face with the critter. I thought he might toddle back out the door but he went to ground in my studio (!) instead. It remained for Bill to get home from fighter practice to get it back out again.

Bill takes his 'possum for a walkies....

Actually it was quite humorous. We put the dogs out back and Bill dragged the 'possum thru the house to the front door. It had it's feet braking the whole way, and right on his heels the dogs, who had broken back into the house. I got the front door closed just after the 'possum and before the first dog nose made it out after it.

After all that, we took pictures before Bill let it loose to toddle off again. (sigh) It'll be back again. They're not the smartest critters in the neighborhood and Freya is a hunter.

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